20 Feb

Why we’re asking Eskom to lift the brakes on renewables

As part of this year’s Earth Hour campaign, WWF South Africa is calling on you to hold Eskom to account by demanding a renewable energy future and meeting our CoP21 commitments.

In December 2015, over 190 countries, including SA, came together in a milestone global decision to combat climate change – the Paris Agreement.

By halting our renewable energy plans, Eskom is seriously affecting our ability to meet this commitment. We can’t let this happen.

Our globally hailed and lauded Renewable Energy Power Producer Procurement Programme has grown from strength to strength.

Despite this success, in 2016, Eskom refused to sign the full amount of contracts that formed part of the programme, effectively putting the brakes on the country’s renewable energy potential and its numerous benefits to the South African people.

Not only does renewable energy reduce carbon emissions but it is scalable and rapidly deployable which means that it can be built quickly to match the country’s need for energy. Far quicker than large coal and nuclear new builds.

Renewable energy also means a better life for communities surrounding mines that are harrowingly affected by the health impacts of this method.

All this adds up to a huge threat to the country’s developmental goals, and gains, as set out in the National Development Plan for poverty and inequality to be eliminated by 2030.

If we continue to burn coal, oil and gas as we do, and if we do not reduce our carbon emissions immediately, we will jeopardise our ability to stay below 1.5 °C average global temperature needed to avoid catastrophic climate change.

Use your Power. Sign the petition.

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