20 Feb

Six reasons why renewable energy is the future

The bulk of SA’s carbon emissions come from fossil fuel generated electricity.

To address this, SA needs to introduce more renewable energy into the country’s electricity mix.

South Africa’s programme to introduce renewable energy into its energy mix has been hailed globally as one of the most advanced and successful renewable energy programmes.

In 2016, despite the success of the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Programme, Eskom refused to sign the full amount of contracts which were awarded as part of the programme.

This effectively put the brakes on renewable energy potential and its many benefits for South Africans.

The programme has increased the installed capacity of renewables from practically zero to over 2000MW in just five years.

Here are six convincing reasons why renewables are the future:

  • Not only does renewable energy reduce carbon emissions, but infrastructure can be built quickly to match the country’s need for electricity.
  • Some renewables already supply cheaper electricity than the newest coal power plants. Renewables will get cheaper and coal and nuclear likely more expensive.
  • South Africa is taking the lead in Africa which gives us the opportunity to become a key global player in this growing industry.
  • Investment in renewable energy in SA can provide decent jobs and increase skills.
  • SA is a solar-rich country with one of the highest solar resources in the world.
  • WWF research has found that 95% of our power could be generated through renewable resources (water, wind, sun) by 2050 using technologies that already exist or are being developed.

In short, renewable energy is a no brainer.

In 2016, Eskom refused to sign the full amount of contracts that were awarded as part of the programme, effectively putting the brakes on renewable energy potential.

Stop Eskom from putting the brakes on renewable energy in South Africa. Use your Power. Sign the petition.

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