Say YES to Renewable Energy

South Africa’s renewable energy programme has been hailed globally as one of the most advanced and successful to introduce renewable energy on to the grid.
In 2016, Eskom refused to sign the full amount of contracts that were awarded as part of the programme.

This move halted SA’s renewable energy potential and its many benefits to South Africans.

Use your power and ask Eskom to lift the brakes on renewable energy in South Africa.

The petition will be delivered to Eskom to coincide with the annual Earth Hour campaign.


More information:

South Africa needs to urgently bring more renewable energy into the country’s electricity mix.

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has shown that a 70% renewable energy mix by 2050 is not only possible but is also the least costly option.

The Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Programme  (REIPPPP) has been hailed globally and locally as one of the most advanced and successful programmes.


It has and continues to generate many benefits:

attracted foreign direct investment

new industries creating much-needed decent jobs

increases skills which can be used locally and internationally

reduces carbon emissions, and

gives SA the potential to become a global player in this growing industry


Eskom is obligated to sign the rest of the contracts at the agreed price points.
Refusing to sign puts the entire programme at risk.
Use your power and say yes to renewable energy.


Read the request to Eskom
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