What is WWF doing about it?

WWF puts its weight behind efforts to change the way we use energy – without depriving people of the right to thrive – and aims for a complete phase-out of fossil fuels by 2050 and transition to 100% renewable energy.

With our partners, we work to:

  • Empower communities to supply renewable energy
  • Help businesses cut emissions, cut deforestation and go green
  • Promote investment in renewable energy and divestment from fossil fuels
  • Achieve ambitious targets and laws with government


WWF works to ensure that the nearly 200 governments that joined the COP21 Paris Agreement implement plans that will lead the way to a climate-safe future. This work will be continued at the next UN climate meeting.

Ensuring that governments double down on their climate efforts in the years preceding 2020 is another important part of our work, and a scientific necessity if countries are going to meet the long-term temperature targets agreed in Paris.

You can support WWF’s efforts by using your power to say yes to renewable energy.

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