What is climate change?

Climate change is a shift in weather conditions and patterns over time.

In recent decades, the Earth’s average temperature has been rising steadily – we call this global warming.

In a nutshell, some places are getting hotter, some colder, some wetter and others drier.

Global warming happens when harmful emissions, like carbon dioxide, trap heat in the atmosphere – creating a blanket of toxins between us and the atmosphere.

Interestingly, these gases occur naturally and actually regulate our planet’s climate BUT we have been pumping out so much of these toxic gases that our planet can’t process it all.

The fuel we put in our cars, the electricity that lights our homes and the gas we use for cooking all add to a warmer climate.

By bringing renewable energy into the energy mix, South Africa can make a difference. Renewable energy reduces carbon emissions and is good for climate change.

It can be built quickly to match our energy needs.

It’s also cheaper than coal and nuclear, and it can uplift our society and economy through the creation of jobs and increased skills.

We need solutions like this to keep the average global temperature increase below 2°C. If the temperature increase exceeds this, we won’t be able to anticipate what disastrous knock-on effects will result.

We’ve just seen some promising and achievable outcomes from 2015’s COP21 but if we don’t keep these alive, the gains will fade into just another empty promise.

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